630kw ultra-quiet generator is suitable for commercial centers, hotels 2021-03-08
Huaquan 630kw diesel generator set, select Guangxi Yuchai engine, speed regulation mode: electronic speed regulation, intake mode:turbocharging.
100kw silent box diesel generator set is suitable for school 2021-03-07
Huaquan 100kw diesel generator set ,dimensions: 2250×880×1780 (L×W×H mm), unit weight: 1200kg.
150kw open-frame low-noise brushless standby generator set 2021-03-07
Huaquan 150kw diesel generator set, select Yuchai direct injection internal combustion engine, equipped with AC synchronous generator.
30kw three-phase AC synchronous generator intelligent control system 2021-03-06
Huaquan 30-kilowatt generator set, four-cylinder combustion, strong power, large oil capacity, to ensure long-term operation of the unit.
250kw standby diesel generator set is on sale at low price 2021-03-06
Huaquan 250kw diesel generator set, using Weichai diesel engine as the source power, with pure copper brushless generator,reliable and durable.
Weifang 80kw 50hz/60hz open frame generator set 2021-03-05
Huaquan's 80-kilowatt generator set has four-cylinder combustion with sufficient combustion and strong power.
Huaquan 120 kW DC 24V electric start diesel water pump unitsix-cylinder engine 2021-03-05
Huaquan 120 kW Weifang Ricardo diesel water pump unit, the diesel engine adopts Weifang R6105IZLD, six-cylinder engine.

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