What is the operating principle of a diesel common rail system? (1) 2021-03-01
If the pressure is abnormally high, the pressure limiter opens to relieve the pressure. If the pressure in the fuel rail is abnormally high, the pressure limiter works (opens).
Inspection and Repair of Plane Deformation of Cylinder Block and Cylinder Head of Diesel Generator Set 2021-03-01
It is a common phenomenon that the cylinder block and cylinder head of diesel generator set deform during use. The contact plane of the cylinder block and the cylinder head tends to be warped and deformed.
What is the operating principle of a diesel common rail system? 2021-02-27
The diesel high-pressure common rail system refers to a fuel supply method that completely separates the generation of injection pressure and the injection process in a closed-loop system composed of a high-pressure fuel pump, a pressure sensor, and an electronic control unit.
The structure and function principle of the electric heating oil pressure gauge for diesel generating set 2021-02-27
The diesel generator oil pressure gauge is used to monitor the oil pressure in the main oil passage of the diesel engine. It has several kinds of diaphragm type, tubular spring type, and electric heating type.
Reasons and inspection methods for the wear of plunger and sleeve of diesel generator set fuel injection pump. 2021-02-26
The wear of the plunger and the sleeve is mainly caused by the impurity in the diesel oil and the erosion of the high-pressure diesel.
What to do if the diesel generator set gets wet in rainy weather? 2021-02-26
Check whether the generator set is damp. You can use a 500-volt megohmmeter to test the insulation resistance of the generator set.
How to distinguish between permanent magnet generator and excitation generator? 2021-02-25
Generators can be divided into permanent magnet generators and excitation generators.

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