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Why can not arbitrarily increase the flywheel for generator
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HQ-POWER remind all diesel generators users: can not arbitrarily increase the flywheel. Flywheel and crankshaft have been tested before leaving the factory, the flywheel engraved above the timing angle and the upper and lower point mark. If you want to increase the flywheel or other different types of flywheel,due to different quality of the flywheel, so that the dynamic balance of the diesel engine has been destroyed, the body vibration increases, speed performance deterioration. At the same time, the use of heavy flywheel, the flywheel end of the crankshaft main bearing increases the load and exacerbate wear. When the flywheel is enlarged, the load on the diesel engine and the load on the tractor steering brake are also increased. When the exceed the limits of the design,not only the diesel engine power and economy are deteriorated, but also will cause the accident caused by steering failure.The "Ten accident nine times fast", The increase the flywheel cause the small tractors unsafe accident which is the important reason, all the agricultural safety supervision departments are prohibited to increase the flywheel, it is necessary.

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